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We are days away from leaving the Beta version of iWantoo behind and here you have, in short, the main features you’ll see:

  • Your wantoos will go beyond our social network. You’ll be able to target them to Twitter users who can help you make things happen.
  • Both the author and the recipient of each wantoo can mark it as “solved” and everyone involved will be notified automatically.
  • iWantoo will let you connect easily with your Mayor, Local or Federal MP, your favorite artist or friend. With the support of the community, your ideas will be closer to reality.
  • When you connect your iWantoo account with Twitter or Facebook, each retweet or like will count as support for each wantoo you post.
  • In your iWantoo profile you’ll be able to see how many wantoos have been targeted to you and how many of those have been marked as solved. 
Also, iWantoo will go mobile soon, starting with iOS. We will continue to develop in other platforms so you can tell the world what you want from any location.
The iWantoo Team

We’re going over the final details before launching iWantoo 1.0, and we’re very excited to keep sharing some of the new features that will allow us to take the things we want and make them happen.

A more social, more relevant iWantoo

Your iWantoo friends will act as spokespeople for your proposals, as the votes you get from people in other cities, states or countries will keep your wantoos visible on the site for longer. That way, the best ideas, those that make the community get involved, those that are important to everyone, will stay relevant and keep growing to reach even more people.

Notifications by number of votes

Let’s say you ask for a specific cocktail to be served at a certain restaurant. The restaurant will get a tweet about it through iWantoo, but there’s always the chance they’ll brush it off as a thing just this one person wants. When your wantoo reaches 20 votes, they’ll get a new notification. 50 votes? 100, 200, 500…? These notifications will allow everyone to follow up more closely on the requests made by the community, in order to promote and realize each of your proposals.

Solved wantoo indicator

User profiles will include a section displaying the number of wantoos you’ve received, and how many of those you’ve marked as solved, including wantoos dedicated through Twitter.

iWantoo’s beta period is about to end, and we’d like to thank you once more for being a part of this initial state. Your enthusiasm, your participation and your ideas have motivated us to keep growing and improving each day, and soon you will be able to see for yourself the fruit of these efforts we’ve launched with you and thanks to you. Don’t forget we want to hear what you have to say; send all your ideas, suggestions and comments our way, be it through Twitter, Facebook, through wantoos for @iWantoo, or through our support section.

As promised, here’s more on the upcoming iWantoo features, which will allow us to do more in order to make our wantoos happen.

Public voting

Now: Votes are completely anonymous; in order to get involved in a wantoo, you’d have to leave a comment.

Soon: You’ll get to choose whether to cast an anonymous or public vote. Regardless of your choice, you’ll also be able to subscribe to notifications on the progress of the wantoo by its author or its assignee, to keep up with its fulfillment.

Twitter and Facebook count!

Now: If you post a wantoo to Twitter or Facebook, nothing happens.

Soon: If you link your iWantoo account to Twitter or Facebook, the “Likes” and RTs you get will count toward the support each of your wantoos get.

As political as you want

Now: If we wanted to ask something of one of the politicians representing us, we’d have to wait for him or her to join iWantoo, or post our wantoos on Twitter or Facebook ane mention them there.

Soon: iWantoo will allow you to easily contact your mayor, representative or senator, your ideas backed up by the support of the community, to make yourself heard and make things happen.

And there’s still more! Soon we’ll post one last update describing new iWantoo features. We’re getting closer and closer to lift off, and once again we’d like to remind you that we want to know what you want for iWantoo. If you have any suggestions or comments you’d like to share with us, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or contact us through Twitter, Facebook, iWantoo or even the support section.  

Soon iWantoo will get a makeover as well as many new features that will allow us to bridge the gap between “wanting” something and actually “getting” it.  We’re taking this opportunity to share some of them with you, and to encourage you once again to send us your comments, ideas and suggestions.  

Wantoos for everyone

Now: Wantoos can be dedicated exclusively to the community (a city, state, country or the world) or an iWantoo user. 

Soon: You will be able to dedicate, or assign, your wantoos specifically to people and organizations beyond iWantoo, as long as they have a Twitter account: friends, celebrities, companies… it’s entirely up to you.

Solved wantoos

Now: If a wantoo is realized, we may only find out through comments. 

Soon: The author of each wantoo will be able to mark it as solved, and send a notification to people who voted on it.  That’s not everything: if you assigned a wantoo to someone not on iWantoo via Twitter, he or she will also be able to mark it as solved and notify the voters. 

 Mobile app 

At last you’ll be able to take iWantoo on the road, and tell the world what you want no matter where you are.  We’ll start off by launching the iOS app, and then for other platforms. 

We’ll post again soon with more on the new iWantoo features.  In the meantime, remember you can contact us on Twitter and Facebook, through wantoos dedicated to @iWantoo and through our website support; if you have any suggestions for the future of iWantoo, don’t hesitate to send them our way. 

The iWantoo team will be participating at the World University Forum 2012, in Cancun, Mexico, starting next Thursday, June 28.  Part of the team will speak in front of hundreds of Marketing students, discussing the iWantoo project and the role of social media for professionals in the field.   

The World University Forum is one of the largest and most important academic events in the world.  It’s made up by a total of 21 highly specialized four-day events, covering fields as varied as Medicine, Electronics Engineering and Communication, with high-profile guest speakers, including Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter; Delphine Halgand, director of Reporters Without Borders; Eric Maskin, Nobel Prize winner in Economics 2007; Bruno Galvan, marketing director at MTV Networks; and Jadranka Mihalic, director of the United Nations Information Center, just to name a few.

Besides speaking at the Marketing congress this month, the iWantoo team will also participate at the Communication event in August, and at the Computer Sciences and Electronics event in September.  We look forward to meeting some of our users there; for those of you unable to join us, worry not: we’ll be posting updates and pictures from the events (and the beach) as they happen.

Last Wednesday we debuted the highly-requested “Invite your friends” feature.  We didn’t officially announce it at the time, as we were still running some tests on it, but we still chose to make it available to our Beta Testers.  

This feature was developed only with the purpose of giving users a fast and easy way to invite their friends onto the website.  It was never meant to spam them.  iWantoo has only been around for a couple of months, and of course we want more people to join, but never through spam, never by deceiving, and never abusing the trust our users have given us.  From the beginning we promised our users that we would protect their privacy and be very careful with the handling of their data, and we’re committed to keeping our word.

This is a screenshot of the Invite your Friends page that was available yesterday:

The process is carried out as described: when you link your accounts, you can see which of your friends are already on iWantoo, and then manually choose who to invite, with a “Select all” option.  At the bottom of the page there is a note that reads:

Important: If you choose to invite your contacts, iWantoo will send invitations on your behalf to any users you select, through email, Facebook wall posts or Twitter mentions, depending on what you choose. This will happen only one, and only if you authorize it.  iWantoo will not store your password or any of your friends’ contact information. 

Unfortunately, some people skipped over this text, which resulted in a massive number of invitations being sent out, and people incorrectly labeling them as spam.  In order to make it clear beyond misinterpretation, we’d like to reiterate the following: iWantoo will never post anywhere on your behalf without your express consent. 

Still, to prevent this from happening again, we’ve set a limit on the number of contacts users will be allowed to invite in one day through Twitter and Facebook, and invitations will now be sent privately, as not to clutter anyone’s timelines or newsfeeds.

A big thank you to all our users who’ve already tried out the Invite feature; everyone who got an invite, we hope there is no misunderstanding regarding how they made it to you.  

Greetings from the entire team.

It all started last May 11th, when Mexican presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto was confronted by students of jesuit-run Universidad Iberoamericana regarding his performance as governor of Mexico state.  What was supposed to be a standard campaign trail event for the Institutional Revolutionary Party front-runner was soon a PR disaster that became a worldwide trending topic as it happened, after the candidate was booed off the stage and  reportedly had to wait for his security team in a restroom to escape the angry students.  

The mainstream media downplayed the incident, and PRI/PVEM spokespeople brushed it off saying the hecklers had been paid to tarnish the front-runner’s public image, already shaken by a string of public gaffes that all went viral.  The students took to YouTube, and posted a video in which 131 of them, holding their student IDs, stated their names and denied having been paid or trained by anyone to participate in the protest against Peña Nieto.  

The video went viral as well, with supporters re-sharing it under the hashtag #YoSoy132, or I am 132.  Since then, thousands of people have taken to the streets all over the country, protesting what they feel is a deeply biased media system bent on favoring the return to power of the party once described as a “perfect dictatorship”, as it ruled the country for over seven decades.  

With support cells in places as far away as New York City and London, the #YoSoy132 movement keeps growing and garnering support, both “in real life” and on all social networks, including iWantoo.  Since May 11 users such as Critico92 have called for university students all over to “find strength in unity” as the Ibero students did, and have invited other users to join the protests, including one that aimed to pressure the Federal Electoral Institute to organize a third debate; you can see for yourself the support iWantoo users have given the movement by clicking here, or searching for 132 within iWantoo.  

iWantoo has been proud to serve as a means for Mexican youth to express their concerns regarding the upcoming elections and their support for the #YoSoy132 movement, as their enthusiasm and their ideas are exactly what is needed to achieve a real, positive change in the world. 

For more info, visit:


The Mexican Spring: A new student movement stirs in Mexico

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